About website

The websites were designed to expose possible electoral fraud and faults in the polling stations, and to facilitate the formation of a government with fair, free, and without false electoral process, based on common democratic values.

The analysis of the Armenian elections was carried out by the author through electronic monitoring; it was published by the author on the following websites medindex.am, electionscount.info and in other publications, from 2012 to 2018 the analysis was carried out within the framework of the grant project presented below.
Open Society Foundations - Armenia funded Transparency International Anti-Corruption Center Grant project for electronic monitoring programs, during the National Assembly 2012, 2017, 2013 Presidential, 2013 City Council of Yerevan, 2015 constitutional referendum, as well as 2018 Extraordinary elections. The author together with the project manager led a monitoring group that made an analysis of elections and referendum and created http://elections.transparency.am/ website and displayed the results of analyses.

The author initiated pages with additional analytical features which were designed and posted on the above-mentioned website. the author and the website developer supported the uninterrupted and continuous operation of the website during the period of the above-mentioned grant programs from January 31/01/ 2019 to the end of the site management access (April 2019), as far as possible, on their own initiative also outside of the granted periods.

The author and his partner by their initiative also provided a separate opportunity to view the analysis of the 2012 to 2018 elections through their electionscount.info website, where the analyses of the previous and 2021 elections are presented.